Experts in Intelligent and Automated Electricity Analysis.
We offer technological solutions to Industry 4.0 + Infrastructures, to ensure efficient, safe and sustainable processes.

At SIGMA, we are experts in Smart and Automated Electricity Analysis, to ensure efficiency & reduce operating and maintenance costs, of equipment and facilities.

Key values for increasing sustainability and extending machines lifetime.


We identify, prevent and predict electrical problems of any type of machine or installation, no matter where it is located, size or age.

TOIn addition, we protect the equipment from recurring failures and we increase safety.


We perform one of the most accurate and complete monitoring in the electrical market. including analysis of the information needed to find solutions, ensure efficiency and avoid breakdowns.

Our customers are assisted by electrical experts, continuously, 365 days/year.

SIGMA helps maintenance teams to
change equipment when it is really necessary, while maintaining security

Manufacturers usually recommend replacing the equipment or some of its parts well before the end of its useful life.
However, this type of preventive maintenance is already evolving towards intelligent or proactive maintenance, which makes it possible to change parts or machines according to their actual wear and tear rather than their expected wear and tear.

We can control and analyze any type of machine or installation, regardless of its location, size or age, and at the same time, avoid putting personnel at risk.

We help to drastically reduce the risk to Maintenance Personnel by 
we provide key information, in real time, which allows us to prepare each action accurately, 
before sending the team to the area. 

Therefore, they will move less often, with the right parts, reducing the time of performance and being able to maintain machines of all types: 

Machines that often have incidents.

Equipment requiring a <strong style="font-size: 21px;">mantenimiento constante.</strong>

Equipment located in dangerous or inaccessible areas.

Mhachines <strong style="font-size: 21px;">viejas</strong> or that need parts of <strong style="font-size: 21px;">repuesto difíciles</strong> to achieve.

Where the facilities or the <strong style="font-size: 21px;">seguridad de las personas están en peligro.</strong>

SIGMA is useful for improving efficiency and safety

Our technological solution provides efficient and secure assets and facilities. Let's see why:



Operational: our information helps to reduce operating costs, repair costs, breakdowns, spare parts, travel costs, avoid unplanned shutdowns and unnecessary traditional maintenance actions.
In addition, when the maintenance manager makes the trip, he/she has prior information so that the technical action is precise and the incident or technical problem is resolved more quickly.

Energetic: it avoids overconsumption and cost overruns because the equipment works in an efficient and supervised way. To give an example: some overconsumption occurs when an electrical appliance or the cable that feeds it, exceeds the operating limits for which it was manufactured and if it is not controlled, it is not known. We can also configure some equipment to start up when the electricity tariff is more economical.

Staffing: Thanks to our continuous, real-time monitoring, we can detect problems instantly and inform the customer at that very moment. The client does not need to invest resources in routine supervisions and the staff planning can be more profitable.



Assets and Processes: we supervise the equipment continuously, through high-frequency, high-precision, real-time monitoring, and we perform continuous checks and programmable status summary reports, as well as proactive warnings of alerts and potential failures electrical but also mechanical. This is possible because the sensors we use allow us to capture more than 400 electrical parameters and our technological platform to analyze them.
In addition, the sensors can include electrical protections, which we always recommend, to protect the equipment and prevent accidents or fires.

Cybersecurity approved by water and railway corporations, as well as other less demanding customers. In fact, we work with 4 levels of encryption of electrical data. That is, security levels similar to those used in the medical sector, although we only analyze electrical data from machines.

Personnel: because our information drastically reduces machine control and maintenance trips, including those located in hazardous, explosive, toxic or isolated areas.

Why SIGMA's Technology Solution?

Our technological solution is practical, flexible, affordable and sustainable, both for Corporations and Industry:



SIGMA performs the analysis and delivers the most relevant information to the client, so they can make decisions immediately. Therefore, our customers do not have to learn programs or analyze data. In addition, installation and implementation is fast, cost-effective and simple.



SIGMA monitors and analyzes any type of machine or installation, regardless of its location, size or age. Through standardized technological solutions but customizable according to objectives and budgets. In addition, we also offer customized projects.



SIGMA has its own business model based on volume and not on turnover. We are a technology company and not a consultancy. We offer new forms of economic financing in order to be a partner of high technological value, at an affordable price for each client.



SIGMA is committed to sustainability and the circular economy: We develop technological solutions to make infrastructures and assets more sustainable and achieve maximum energy efficiency.
Specifically, we support sustainability from an economic, environmental and social point of view and continue to advance in the design of solutions aligned with the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals: No. 6: Water and Sanitation, No. 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, No. 11: Sustainable Cities and No. 12: Responsible Production.

Our clients hire us for:

+ Prevent, identify or resolve electrical problems that are currently causing failures.
+ Helping them to operate their assets efficiently, to reduce their electricity consumption.
+ Help them avoid unplanned downtime and reduce operating costs, such as repairs, travel, repairs.
+ To have a smarter and more efficient maintenance system that allows to know which machines to act on and when to do it.
+ Increasing the safety of infrastructures and maintenance personnel.
+ Prolonging the useful life of equipment and reducing waste.
+ To achieve more efficient and sustainable infrastructures, respecting the concept of circular economy, also related to the CO2 rate. (At SIGMA we can calculate the CO2 footprint from real and detailed data of electricity consumption).

Entities that endorse us

SIGMA was founded 5 years ago as a Start-up, with a very disruptive technological project at a global level, whose objective was to extend the functions of the electrical analysis of equipment, in an incipient but fast-growing market.

And we have achieved this, thanks to the confidence of the following Spanish, Catalan and European entities and their economic and practical support, through subsidized projects, where large companies or corporations, select companies like SIGMA to test new technologies to meet new challenges. 

We continue to collaborate with some of them in technological innovation projects aimed at improving the sustainability and circular economy of Industry and Infrastructures.



SIGMA has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme, via an Open Call issued and executed under project MINE.THE.GAP (grant agreement No 873149)".


We have the accreditation of ACCIÓ as Industry 4.0 consultants.
If you are a Catalan SME you can benefit from ACCIÓ's free coupons and count on SIGMA Industrial Precision to take advantage of our general or electrical consultancy services.

Are you an SME and do you want to 𝗹𝗮 𝗻𝗼𝘀𝘁𝗿𝗮 𝗰𝗼𝗹-𝗹𝗮𝗯𝗼𝗿𝗮𝗰𝗶𝗼́ to incorporate new technologies to reduce maintenance costs of machinery and increase its safety? 

Now you can do it with this 𝗻𝗼𝘃𝗮 𝘀𝘂𝗯𝘃𝗲𝗻𝗰𝗶𝗼́ by :