A company that has no digital strategy has no strategy. But why has it become so important? More competition? Necessity? Path to the future?

Many organisations think that a creative strategy already makes them innovators, but they are very wrong. That is why Sigma Industrial PrecisionWe go one step further, not only at an internal-corporate level, but also externally.

Our process is simple, but it is in the basics that we find our strengths. Understanding electrical signals (data, after all) in order to extract information and generate knowledge. Once at that point, we analyse and compare to draw conclusions and decisions.

Seen in this way, this path can be extrapolated to any field, but our differentiation lies in the accuracy of the data and analysis, which is why we are among the top 5 companies in the world dedicated to predictive maintenance.

Talk of the future is an uncertainty for many, but not for the technology sector, which has been booming for a long time. Ninety-one per cent of industrial companies are investing in smart factories and IoT market growth has tripled since 2017. If these figures aren't astounding enough, we can conclude that 1 million IoT devices are being purchased and installed every hour around the world.

It's time to look at how, what and why. Know the benefits, the basics and everything that revolves around maintenance, IoT and the world of Sigma.

The best way to approach us is through a webinar. If you are interested in more information, please contact us.

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