Predictive maintenance for all your industrial assets

The full potential of predictive maintenance in the 4.0 industry

The platform predictive-sigmatakes advantage of all the available potential applying it to predictive maintenance in industry 4.0. predictive-sigmaIt allows the monitoring of industrial assets in a wide range of sectors, both productive and generation and services.

Power generation and distribution

Water treatment and distribution

Telecommunications Infrastructure

For any asset

From Transformers to pumping systems, the SIP Predictive maintenance platform lets you know the state of your machinery in real time by identifying the most frequent failures of your machinery in advance. Automatically.

Know the bugs before they happen


They are electric machines designed to move from one voltage level to another from an electromagnetic relationship between their primary and secondary. 

Electrical transformers require specific maintenance of the internal insulation of their components. We reduce maintenance costs by performing operations when necessary and avoid unforeseen stops or the destruction of critical assets and difficult substitution in your plant.

Capacitor Banks

Companies that work with a high reactive energy level are charged with a penalty by electric companies. For this reason, companies use capacitor banks: To reduce the percentage of reactive power for the electric Company.

The constant analysis of the energy provided by the capacitor bank in comparison to the voltage and its ideal characteristics can indicate the condition of equipment capacitors, among other applications.

Rotary machines

They are electrical machines that transform an electric current into a rotating mechanical work. In addition, this rotation can be applied to different accessory elements to carry out work such as compressor, pump or transport system, among others.

A deterioration in the insulation of the motor components or a poor connection of the power connections can cause short circuits between different components of the motor. Knowing the state of the Rotary machine is key to efficient maintenance and to maintaining the performance of the asset.

Frequency drives

The frequency drivers are industrial control equipment that allows to control the speed and torque of an associated rotary machine, starting from the modulation of the motor's power signal.

Like other electrical equipment, the frequency drivers are sensitive to the electrical quality power. The continuous analysis of a frequency driver allows us to assess their quality and working efficiency. In addition, we can measure your performance and know when you need a maintenance operation.


Being able to detect in advance the deterioration of assets and schedule maintenance intelligently, being carried out at the appropriate time.

Real-time measurement

To know in real time the status in order to differentiate within an installation the assets that suffer greater wear depending on their load, as well as the quality of the voltage they are supplying at their output.

Cost reduction

We reduce maintenance costs by performing operations when necessary and avoid unplanned shutdowns or the destruction of critical assets that are difficult to replace in our plant.

Benefits of predictive maintenance