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Reduce interventions and avoid permanent damage by anticipating failures

Transformers are electric machines designed to move from one voltage level to another from an electromagnetic relationship between their primary and secondary. They can be used to increase the tension, decrease it or replicate it. The latter case, for the purpose of isolating zones from an installation. 

They are usually found at the junction of factories and industrial facilities that require relatively high power. We can find medium voltage transformers that go from thousands of volts to hundreds of volts used in three-phase and single-phase electrical machines. Lower power transformers can also be found to isolate specific areas or even "clean" the power supply at the entrance of certain critical machines.

Being able to detect in advance the deterioration of assets and schedule maintenance intelligently, to carry it out at the appropriate moment.

Major failures


Insulation failure

Electrical transformers require specific maintenance of the internal insulation of their components. In the event of insulation failure, short circuits occur which can lead to long-term shutdowns. They can also cause major problems, such as a fire.



It is important to regularly check that transformers are not subjected to frequent and untimely overloading or switching on and off. These events can cause an increase in transformer temperature which can eventually lead to a short circuit.


Connections in poor condition

It is important to check the physical condition of the transformer to avoid problems that may decrease the performance of the equipment or make it potentially dangerous. In addition, the connections, protections, ventilation system and decompression system should be checked if the equipment has this.


Being able to detect in advance the deterioration of the insulation of a transformer allows us to schedule the maintenance of the asset in an intelligent way, being carried out at the appropriate time.


Knowing the status of a transformer in real time allows us to differentiate within an installation the transformers that suffer greater wear depending on their load, as well as the quality of the voltage they are supplying at their output.

Cost reduction

We reduce maintenance costs by performing operations when necessary and avoid unplanned shutdowns or the destruction of critical assets that are difficult to replace in our plant.


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