Predictive maintenance for all your industrial assets

The full potential of predictive maintenance in the 4.0 industry


The platform predictive-sigmatakes advantage of all the available potential applying it to predictive maintenance in industry 4.0. predictive-sigmaIt allows the monitoring of industrial assets in a wide range of sectors, both productive and generation and services.



Unplanned stops make it less competitive. However, there is a solution. Find out how to minimize your downtime with predictive-sigma.

Power generation

Power generation

The interruption of power supply is the beginning of the problem. To avoid this, detéctelo ahead of time with predictive maintenance. 

In today's society, a service cannot fail. Therefore, ensure continuity of service by performing predictive maintenance.


Industrial applications applied to your sector

Transformers, capacitor banks, rotary machines and frequency variators. Predictive maintenance for all types of assets.