Water treatment and distribution


Knowing the status of assets to react quickly

In a service as critical as water, the maintenance actions of a service are constant, where in addition large investments are made to over-dimension facilities and ensure continuity of service. Equipment redundancy is the standard as a preventative measure for machinery failure.

It is also common to find facilities distributed in large geographic areas to provide maximum coverage to urban areas. It is important to know, then, the state of your assets to react with the utmost speed in the face of a breakdown.

There is also a wide variety of types of machinery depending on the process: purification, depuration, transport, desalination, etc. The diversity of machinery requires technical personnel with knowledge of different machines and processes to respond to possible breakdowns.

Pumping Station

To know in real time the state of the motors and their associated mechanics to predict possible failures in their operation.


To know the condition of the motors, motor overload, obstructions...

Mechanical filtration Systems

Know through electrical analysis problems associated with mechanical systems such as filtration. Identify overloads or obstructions, for example.

Power generation and distribution

How predictive-sigmait adds value to the energy sector

Why choose Predictive Sigma?

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Ensure Continuity of power supply

The predictive maintenance solution is ideal for the water treatment and distribution sector, as it allows you to anticipate possible failures that may occur in your network and take action to prevent them.

Reduce your maintenance costs. It's that simple.

By adopting predictive maintenance strategies with predictive-sigma, you will be able to perform only the necessary maintenance actions, no redundant. Allocate your resources intelligently and schedule your maintenance routes intelligently.

Ensure the quality of the supply

Predictive maintenance predictive-sigmaallows the detection of failures in very embryonic states. Any assets in your facility that begin to deviate from their intended operation will be identified.