the industrial world is evolving fast and we must be open to new solutions in order gain competitiveness.

Ensure full performance of your industrial assets

All the potential of our Technology Platform developed based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, cloud computing and big data, whose information is analysed by our electrical engineers.

Take advantage of our Technological Platform's potential, to have efficient and safe machines 
and installations

At SIGMA, we manage the complete process of data capture, recording, analysis and interpretation of electricity. 

We carry it out using our own Technology Platform, connected to a minimum number of highly advanced sensors, which provide us the accurate information to deliver practical, understandable and complete reports to achieve the expected equipment efficiency. 

Our technological solution has a great competitive advantage worldwide because the installation is carried out quickly and economically in the existing electrical panel (not on top of motors or near the machines). This advantage makes it possible to analyse any kind of machine or installation no matter where is located, age or size.

SIGMA monitoring: continuous, accurate, real-time monitoring

We carry out amore accurate monitoring than other technological solutions currently available in the global market:

SIGMA monitors the appropriate electrical parameters in each project, continuously (not every 5 minutes) and with the precision required by the customer. It has been proven that only with such monitoring, it is possible to identify all the reasons for electrical problems..

In this way, the customer can react immediately without constant human supervision, being aware of the real energy consumption, providing electrical information and operational analysis, health and lifetime of the machine. We help you to avoid potential accidents and electrical and operational failures, by predicting the equipment behaviour. SIGMA's technological solution starts providing information from the first day, after installation.



Leakage currents
Downtimes and Damages
Return Currents
Currents Peaks
Hot connections


Power Demand

Frequency variation

Impulsive Transients

Oscillatory Transients

Power Interruptions

Under voltage

Over voltages

Harmonic Distortion


Electrical Problems

Mechanical Problems


Electricity Consumption

Reasons of failures


Power Quality in the plant

Lifetime of machines


We analyse any kind of machine, including soft starters, frequency controllers, etc.
and transformers, which are not being analysed for the other current technological solutions, but in fact, they fail and stop operations too.

Tell us which machines have the most incidents

We will prepare a proposal to solve it

Use of very high resolution sensors capable of collecting hundreds of electrical parameters automatically, connected to the cloud.

The data, collected continuously, are used to generate, on the platform, models of optimal performance from the comparison of the operation of itself over time.

The equipment itself performs the electrical wave analysis and high frequency distortions and stores instantaneous information.

Our platform continuously compares the performance patterns of a piece of equipment over time and hundreds of similar pieces of equipment.

Our algorithms can identify deviations or negative trends in the optimal behaviour of machinery at very early stages and can even detect the cause of such a trend.

The system is able to improve its failure predictions, based on the validation of previous predictions of the specialists using the platform.

Customised reports reviewed by our analytical engineers, reporting on the health of the different industrial assets connected to the Platform.

Our Platform generates fault detection alarms, so that the really necessary maintenance actions on the assets can be planned. It also notifies of any anomaly detected in the installation's power supply, so that corrective measures can be taken. In this way, the risk of machinery failure and overconsumption is reduced.

The SIGMA Platform has communication gateways for sending relevant information to each of the organisation's information systems.